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Martial Arts For Excellence has Grown and Moved !!

Martial Arts for Excellence has exciting news.  We have moved and we have grown.

This means we now have more talent and more resources to help you

grow your school into your dream dojo.

Please come and check us out at our new home.

And we are not done yet!!

Our new site will continue to change and grow to provide you 

with exciting, simple and ready to implement

resources to help you focus on what's

really important - Your Students.

So, if you are looking for help with...

Martial Arts Marketing Strategies, Marketing Pillars, Internal Marketing, External Marketing, What to do with Leads, Phone Call Scripts, Program Director Training, Child Intro Lessons, Adult Intro Lessons, New Student Enrollments, Renewals, Upgrades, Instructor Training, Leadership Training, Developing a Team, Message of the Week Systems, Mat Chats, Class Drills, Student Teachers, Keeping Stats, Interpreting Your Stats, Running Your Business, Knowing Your Gross, Raising Your Gross, or anything else related to creating a successful martial arts school.

Then please check out our Site and Store

Master Paul Garcia


Check out a few of our free videos

We put up a few videos of segments from our Monday Morning Power-Up Staff meeting so you can see some of the great information we have for you.


Special Area for KMA Members

As a fellow KMA Member we have a special free area set up just for you as a KMA member benefit. Click to find out more.


Instructors Looking for Add-Ons and Resources

Start here if you are a current martial arts school owner that is only looking for programs to add on to or to enhance current programs at your school.

Instructors looking for Coaching or Mentoring

This is a great place to start if you are looking for a more personal way to grow your school and programs.


New School Owners Looking for a Template for Success

This is a perfect place to start for everything you need to build a successful school.


Contact us for more info

We are here to help you with Martial Arts Business Planning, School Growth, Staff Development, Program Enhancers, Special Event Planning, Monthly Marketing, Growing your School, Generating Revenue, & Leadership Development. We plan on helping you grow your school by improving internal and external marketing, optimizing the info call, scheduling new student appointments, the Child and Adult Intro Lessons, The Sign Up Process and Handling Objections. We will also walk you through the renewal and upgrade process. We can also help you with social media and to grow your Pro Shop. Most importantly we will teach you to master your stats. Understanding stats gives you the power to quickly identify the areas of your school that are underperforming.

Master Paul Garcia is an Active School Owner and Martial Artist.

A consultant and mentor who walks lives what he teaches.

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