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Thank you for checking us out. I'm sure you will be happy to see what we actually have for you. It's hard to guess by just visiting a website what we actually can do for you. Our mission is to help you grow your school. On this page are a couple video clips from our weekly Monday Power-Up Staff Meeting. This is the core of our program where we coome together online, on the phone and in person to discuss, plan and develop what it takes to succeed. The meeting takes place after the instructors 1 hour workout (Which you are welcome to join as a MAFE Member) if you are in the Attleboro, MA area. This is why we are a bit casually dressed.

Please check us out and talk to us. We are here to help you grow.


Master Paul Garcia


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This is a clip from a live Martial Arts For Excellence Monday Power Up Staff meeting. Meetings are held every Monday morning online and by phone for MAFE Members.

In this clip Master Garcia talks about the best way to stop negative attitudes and rumors from starting within your school.

Your doing all the things you think you need to do but are not getting the results you had hoped for. Not sure where you are falling short? Stats are the answer. Master Paul Garcia reviews how to use Business Stats to hit your goals.

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Master Paul Garcia is an Active School Owner and Martial Artist.

A consultant and mentor who walks lives what he teaches.

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